Author: Chester Grande

Loans from private individuals – these portals convey serious and fast

Anyone who has ever specifically searched for private individuals who lend credits, certainly knows the entries in classifieds. Certainly there is also an offer, which is serious. But who wants to play it safe, should use one of the new operator portals. Here, donors and applicants are audited and the processes are standardized. Applicants with […]


20 Thousand Loan Installment

  20 thousand loan installment in the bank? I would like to take a cash loan of 20,000. What repayment period? 5 years, 7 years, and maybe a maximum of 10 years? Does it matter to you that the installment is as small as possible? What to do? Further illustration at In this case, […]

Debt consolidation

Loan despite private credit by a guarantor

In spite of private credit, bank customers call a loan, which they receive despite an existing negative contribution. In contrast to a loan without private credit, the bank makes a solicitation request and agrees to the lending despite the negative feature. The chances of a loan despite private credit can increase by a guarantor, as this […]

Debt consolidation information

600 Euro loan: immediate estimate, how to get it right away and without a paycheck

All you need to know about the 600 euro loan. Let’s find out how you can receive an immediate quote both online and by going to the branch. Finally, how to immediately know the repayment installment and the interest rates of the 600 euro loan that can also be requested without a paycheck. 600 euro […]

Bad Credit

Consumer Loan – The Alternative for 0% Financing

You want to make urgent replacements in the household or fulfill a long-cherished wish? If you do not have the money yourself, then consumer credit is just the solution for you. If you rely on online offers, you can also save a lot of money. Our credit comparison helps you to quickly and reliably find […]


20000 Euro Loan – Now benefit from low interest rates

Numerous offers for loans on the Internet have created a whole new world of financing opportunities for the consumer. With a simple search, it is possible in this day and age to even apply for a loan of 20,000 euros comfortably and completely uncomplicated. But today you also have the advantage that you can get […]


Fixed Rate Loan Comparison with Cheap Online Interest Rates

  Are you currently receiving new financing and are you currently looking for a cheap loan? With Manucrediter you have a competent financing partner by your side. With our credit comparison, you can compare over 40 loan offers in just a few clicks to find the bank loan that really suits your current financial situation. […]