Loan despite private credit by a guarantor

In spite of private credit, bank customers call a loan, which they receive despite an existing negative contribution. In contrast to a loan without private credit, the bank makes a solicitation request and agrees to the lending despite the negative feature.

The chances of a loan despite private credit can increase by a guarantor, as this is also liable for the loan repayment. In this case, the lawmakers actually provide the deficiency guarantee, while the banks almost always demand a deficiency guarantee. This allows them to gain access to the guarantor without first performing an inconclusive forced operation.

Not every bank points to borrowing with a guarantor without an explicit demand, so that a concrete demand is worthwhile. In part, financial institutions offer the re-application of an unauthorized loan with a guarantor in the refusal letter.

Which conditions should the guarantor fulfill?

Which conditions should the guarantor fulfill?

Bank customers are sometimes surprised when the requested financial institution does not want to secure a loan despite private credit by a guarantor, but instead recommends the joint application. The explanation for this behavior is the tendency of courts to refuse loan guarantees by private individuals who are inexperienced financially, which is particularly pronounced if the guarantor is emotionally attached to the borrower. At the very least, the bank has to fully inform a guarantor about the risks involved, while in the case of a co-applicant it only has to carry out the usual budgetary account.

The obligation to convince oneself of the economic knowledge of the guarantor makes the acceptance of an independent or freelance guarantor meaningful. However, this principle is opposed by the tendency of some financial institutions to lend only to persons with earned income from employment and to presuppose this to co-applicants and guarantors. The best opportunities to secure a loan despite private credit by a guarantor, thus provide the financial institutions, the self-employed and freelancers as a borrower as well as a loan guarantee.

On the online platforms for lending between private individuals there is the possibility to secure a loan despite private credit by a guarantor. In most cases, additional credit security through a guarantee on organized personal loans is only necessary if the borrower receives extremely low or extremely irregular income in addition to the weak credit rating. In many cases it is possible to apply for a loan without a guarantor on a private lending platform even if private credit is bad.

What does the guarantee mean?

If a loan is secured by a guarantor in spite of private credit, the latter undertakes to settle the liability if the actual borrower is unable to do so. A loan guarantee is therefore not only a favor to the applicant, but also a significant obligation to the bank.

If the guarantor actually enters the loan repayment, he acquires a claim for damages from the actual borrower. In contrast to the claims of the bank, this part of a guarantee does not have to be expressly contractually agreed, but in principle also applies.

Whether the guarantor can enforce the claim against the actual borrower is questionable. On the one hand, a personal bankruptcy leads to a discharge of goodwill and on the other hand, most people feel uncomfortable when they have to enforce a financial claim against a friend or relative in a court of law.

What do borrowers and guarantors pay attention to when comparing loans?

What do borrowers and guarantors pay attention to when comparing loans?

It goes without saying that a loan should be as cheap as possible, despite private credit being secured by a guarantor. An inexpensive loan can be found by a loan comparison, for which numerous banks give a guideline value and the final one in the case of a loan guarantee Calculate interest rate based on the credit ratings of the borrower and the guarantor after a specific request.

A favorable interest rate, however, is only one of the decision criteria for a loan despite private credit and a guarantor. Equally important are sufficiently low loan installments that the borrower can with sufficient probability pay off from his own income. The monthly installment can easily be reduced by extending the term of the loan, which in turn increases the length of the guarantee liability.

Additional protection for the guarantor against a claim is provided by an eradication plan, which allows a pause break every twelve to twenty-four months. In this case, the borrower is not in default due to a temporary economic imbalance, so the guarantor does not have to be liable. Similar protection as the right to an occasional suspension of installments is provided by contractual clauses according to which the lender expressly agrees to a modification of the repayment plan in the case of a legitimate customer request. Less reliable than a clear contractual agreement are customer reports on the fundamentally accommodative behavior of a bank against a corresponding request. Although these are mostly correct, they do not offer the certainty that the financial institution will continue to behave as it does today in a few years’ time.

Few clients will benefit from the right to a free special repayment if the loan is secured by a guarantor. Nevertheless, its agreement is recommendable, so that the guarantor will be released prematurely from his responsibility due to the early repayment.

If a loan is secured by a guarantor despite private credit, the guarantee ends with the repayment of that debt. A permanent guarantee for the current and other liabilities is possible in principle, but not in the interest of the guarantor. For this reason, a credit bureau restricts its liability to the loan currently being disbursed despite the applicant’s private credit negative entry.

600 Euro loan: immediate estimate, how to get it right away and without a paycheck

All you need to know about the 600 euro loan. Let’s find out how you can receive an immediate quote both online and by going to the branch. Finally, how to immediately know the repayment installment and the interest rates of the 600 euro loan that can also be requested without a paycheck.

600 euro loan: immediate estimate online and in the branch

If you are looking for a personal loan of 600 euros, the first thing to do is to identify the ideal form of financing. How to choose among the many types of financing offered by the various lenders. First of all, we need to see if we meet the requirements required to access the financing. The next step is to compare the products to which we can access based on the repayment installments and interest rates applied. In other words, therefore, the most important thing to do to immediately identify the cheapest loan from 600 euros according to our needs is to request an estimate from the various banks and financial institutions.

So let’s see how to get an immediate estimate for personal loans of 600 euros. The fastest thing is certainly represented by the online simulation. Many companies on their official website offer their customers the ability to calculate a free online quote by entering the parameters that identify the financing to which they are interested. Quite simply, using the simulator it will be enough to insert in the appropriate space the amount we want to request and the duration we prefer. In a simple click we will know the repayment installment that we will pay and the interest rates applied. The problem is that as far as funding from just 600 euros is concerned, different companies do not offer the possibility to calculate the estimate online, as the minimum amount that can be requested is lower than the amount we are interested in.

If you want to request an online estimate for a loan of 600 euros you can do so by visiting, for example, the website of Ultranix. The personal loans offered by this company provide for a minimum payable amount of 500 euros. By inserting the amount that we want to receive on loan and clicking on ” Calculate the Installment “, we will present all the financing options that are suitable for us. In particular, each of the solutions that will be proposed will correspond to a specific duration that we can choose for our loan of 600 euros. In the table below you can find all the repayment installments and the Tan and Taeg interest rates foreseen for the 600 euro loans offered by Ultranix.

6 months € 101.73 5.91 6.07
9 months 68.32 euros 5.92 6.08
12 months € 51.61 5.90 6.06
15 months € 41.59 5.90 6.06
18 months € 34.91 5.90 6.06
21 months € 30.14 5.90 6.06
24 months 26.57 euros 5.92 6.08

As you can see from the table itself, the repayment installments for a small loan of 600 euros are quite low. For this reason our advice is to choose a very low duration, in order to save on interest. In this case, in fact, you can choose the minimum duration of only 6 months, so as to immediately complete the repayment with installments of 101.73 euros. In case you want a lower installment you can increase the duration at the cost of paying a little more for the interests. In any case, we advise you not to exceed 12 months for a loan of only 600 euros.

If you want to compare the terms of the financing offered by Ultranix with those of other companies you can request a quote from them. If you can not do it online, in any case you can do it by going directly to the branch. Here you will find qualified people who will be able to present you all the offers of the credit institution in order to offer you the ideal loan for you. To receive an immediate estimate, we recommend that you make an appointment at the branch office on your bank’s website. This service is offered online for example on the Findomestic website, Compass, Unicredit, and more. Alternatively you can contact your bank by phone to find the best loan offers from 600 euros currently available.

Loan 600 euros: how to have it right away even without a paycheck

Loan 600 euros: how to have it right away even without a paycheck

Very often one of the requirements that is sought in a certain form of financing is the delivery speed. In the event that you need to deal with an expenditure with a certain urgency we can not wait long delivery times. Fortunately, in the case of € 600 loans, you can immediately receive the amount of money we have requested. This is because we are talking about a not very high amount, for which the bank obviously has the availability for an even immediate payment.

Another aspect is that of the requisites necessary to access the 600 euro loan to which we are interested. In this case it should be stressed that these requirements are not particularly restrictive. There are indeed several ways to get this amount even if you are without a paycheck. Among the types of loans that will allow you to immediately get the 600 euros even without paychecks there is the so-called ” credit on pledge “. Very simply the guarantee that we will have to present to access the financing is any object, which will necessarily have a value of more than 600 euros. So we can leave a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, and so on. Without having to sell an object that perhaps has a strong emotional value, we can immediately access the sum of money we need even without a paycheck and without further guarantees.

Among the solutions that allow us to immediately receive a loan of € 600 immediately even without a paycheck is the presentation of alternative income to paycheck. For example, self-employed persons can access funding by submitting the tax return. However, even the unemployed can easily access the personal loan of 600 euros. In this case it is necessary the presentation of a guarantor : a relative or a friend will present the guarantees required in our place, allowing us to obtain the desired financing. Finally, another type of loan that allows even those without a paycheck to immediately obtain an amount of € 600 is that of private loans. In addition, the platform guarantees total security to both parties, and therefore you will not even notice the difference with a classic personal loan offered by any bank or financial institution.



Consumer Loan – The Alternative for 0% Financing

You want to make urgent replacements in the household or fulfill a long-cherished wish? If you do not have the money yourself, then consumer credit is just the solution for you. If you rely on online offers, you can also save a lot of money. Our credit comparison helps you to quickly and reliably find the right consumer loan with the lowest possible interest rates. What exactly that is and what advantages the comparison option offers, we will now show you a little more detail.

What is a consumer credit exactly?

What is a consumer credit exactly?

A consumer loan is basically a normal installment loan. They apply for the loan as a borrower and pay it off over the term in constant monthly installments. The only special feature lies in the intended use, because consumer loans are more likely to be taken up for consumer goods needed soon. Therefore, in most cases, the loan sums are lower than car loans, debt rescheduling or loans needed for large purchases. The term consumer credit is therefore not very sharply separated from the normal installment loan.

You can set the following characteristics:

  • Fixed term (often between 12 and 84 months)
  • Consistent loan installment (depending on the loan amount, the term and the interest rate)
  • Cheap interest

What should be considered with a consumer loan?

What should be considered with a consumer loan?

If you are interested in a consumer loan, you probably want to know the key decision-making criteria for choosing a loan. In this way, you can keep the interest costs low and also take advantage of certain advantages in the benefits. If they fit your personal situation, you have chosen the perfect consumer credit. The following decision criteria are very important:

1. The amount of the APR

If you want to compare loans, you should always use the APR as a benchmark. In contrast to the nominal interest rate (today’s compounded interest rate), this contains all important cost components. If a bank calculates closing fees or agency fees, these are already included in the annual percentage rate. This is determined by §6 of the Price Indication Regulation (PangV). In addition, banks are legally compelled to indicate the annual percentage rate of charge. Our credit comparison also uses this possibility. What savings potential is possible, should show the following example calculation:

Table 1: Example calculation for the possible savings through a credit comparison, the values ​​are fictitious and may differ

  Consumer credit (rather expensive) Consumer credit (rather cheap)
loan amount 5000,00 € 5000,00 €
Effective interest rate 6.99% pa 3.49% pa
running time 3 years 3 years
Repayment rate (per month) 153.87 euros 146.37 euros
Interest costs (term) 539.43 euros 269.23 euros
Cost difference 354.54 €

So if you decide to compare different consumer loans, you can make a significant savings even with a smaller consumer credit.

2. Creditworthiness of interest

Most banks now grant consumer loans based on their credit rating (we offer fixed-interest loans here ). The amount of interest depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. This is the reason for the fact that the loan offers are often given an interest margin (eg from 3.99 to 8.99% per annum). Top-rated borrowers in this example receive a 3.99% interest rate consumer loan, while those with a more moderate credit rating pay up to 8.99% annually. However, there are several aspects to consider about these interest margins:

  • Lock interest rates: Banks sometimes borrow their loans with lock interest rates. These are set very low, but then apply only with excellent credit rating (very high income, possibly even civil servant status). A good example would be an interest margin of 1.99 – 10.99% interest. The 1.99% is hardly achievable for most borrowers, however, the given minimum interest rate ensures an increased interest of the customers.
  • The uncertain middle: Within a range of interest, you do not recognize as a borrower, which interest rate applies at average credit rating. For example, a bank could communicate an interest rate spread of 1.99% – 10.99% and still set the middle at 7.99% per year.

Both problems can be avoided by checking the so-called representative example. According to §6a PangV, banks are obliged to provide a representative interest rate example, whereby the interest rate for an average of two-thirds of all customer inquiries must be achievable. Thus, the following two offers could be aptly evaluated very quickly:

Table 2: Impact of credit dependence on interest

  Offer A Offer B
interest margin 1.99 – 10.99% 1.99 – 10.99%
Interest rate rep. example 4.99% 7.99%

As a borrower with a normal credit rating, you would probably be more likely to use Offer A in this case. The chance of a lower interest rate would have increased significantly.

Manucrediter Tip:

Manucrediter Tip:

If you have a below-average credit rating, a consumer loan with interest-free interest rates may be of interest to you. Here, an interest rate applies to all borrowers, whereby a certain minimum credit rating is required. This usually includes a faultless private credit information and an income well above the seizure exemption limits.

3. Special features in the choice of credit

While the first two decision criteria relate to costs, you should, of course, also keep an eye on other features. This includes:

  • Free special repayments: A faster repayment through special repayments ensures faster debt freedom and savings in interest rates. For this reason, many banks charge fees in the form of prepayment penalties when a loan is repaid early. If you can already plan with additional money in the future, a consumer loan with free special repayments is therefore quite interesting.
  • Fast payouts: Some replacement purchases can not be postponed because the items (eg refrigerator or car repair) are urgently needed. In such cases, you should rely on consumer loans with fully digital application range. Here you can complete all the steps online and digitally sign the loan agreement. By saving time because of the postal service you will get the required money already 24-48 hours later.
  • Waiting period: A certain grace period can be quite interesting if it looks financially difficult at the time of borrowing. This is the possibility to wait 1-3 months to repay the first installment.

Depending on your personal needs, different features may be important. For this reason, it is important to know their wishes and requirements for a consumer credit. In this way, it is easy to find the right offer.

Find your cheap Manucrediter consumer loan

Find your cheap Manucrediter consumer loan

Consumer loans are the typical everyday help: You want to buy something specific or fulfill a wish and currently do not even have the sufficient financial resources. Fortunately, such loans can be conveniently applied for online today and you can save a lot of money by making comparisons. Take advantage of these benefits, check out various loans and choose your tailor-made and affordable consumer credit at the end!

20000 Euro Loan – Now benefit from low interest rates

Numerous offers for loans on the Internet have created a whole new world of financing opportunities for the consumer. With a simple search, it is possible in this day and age to even apply for a loan of 20,000 euros comfortably and completely uncomplicated. But today you also have the advantage that you can get a good overview of the conditions. The Manucrediter loan comparison is a good way to get an overview of the jungle of loan and loan offers. Interest, terms and maturities at a glance – the $ 20000 loan is just a few clicks away from you.

It is extremely convenient to use the loan options in our loan calculator for your own loan request. After you have informed yourself in the calculator about the best offers, the loan request is to be made with just a few clicks. Gone are the days when you had to make long calls to the house bank. Instead, the application is made simply and quickly over the Internet and processed by the banks in our comparison. So you have not only a simple way when applying for, but in no time a promise on the 20000 Euro (credit rating provided). In addition, it is currently the right time for a loan: Favorable interest rates and a large variety of loan offers should be reason enough.

20000 Euros Online Credit for Financial Flexibility

20000 Euros Online Credit for Financial Flexibility

20000 Euro are relatively a medium sum and thanks to our comparison uncomplicated online to apply. With this installment loan, not only small and big wishes can be realized, this also gives you a certain amount of freedom when planning investments. For example, you could use it to bring your home up-to-date or, if you moved in, start financing the new facility (eg with a furniture loan). We also like to buy new kitchens. With a cheap Manucrediter kitchen loan, you can also do this from the comfort of your own home. But other projects, many of which are on the list of dreams for life, can be realized with a 20,000 euro loan. How about, for example, a trip around the world (eg a trip around the world with a holiday loan) in the best hotels and with the subsequent memories for life?

Of course, larger events in life can be financed cheaply. Many people dream z. For example, a wonderful wedding with the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life together. The 20,000 euros should help to realize all the dreams for the most beautiful day of life. Sometimes, the total amount of a wedding is underestimated and in the end, but still be cut back. A wedding loan brings with it a financial freedom, to plan the wedding according to your own ideas.

Current Interest Rates & Monthly Rates for 20000 Euro Loans

Current Interest Rates & Monthly Rates for 20000 Euro Loans

Table 1: Exemplary credit calculations for 20000 Euro installment loans

running time interest costs Total cost of credit monthly rate
12 months from 74.51 € from 20074,51 € from 1672.88 €
24 Months from 143.53 € from 20143.53 € from 839.31 €
36 months from 212,71 € from 20212,71 € from 561.46 €
48 months from € 282.04 from 20282.04 € from 422.54 €
60 months from 351.54 € from 20351,54 € from 339,19 €
72 months from 421,19 € from 20421,19 € from € 283.63
84 months from 490,99 € from 20490,99 € from € 243.94

For the example calculations, we use the cheapest interest rate currently available in our calculator. This is currently at 0.69% pa. Please note that your individual interest rate depends on your credit rating! Do you want to know how high the interest rate is with you? Just ask for a free loan request through our online loan calculator. Within a few minutes you will receive your individual credit offers.

What should you look for when borrowing?

What should you look for when borrowing?

So that there are no problems after processing the loan request, you should pay attention to the essentials before you apply. So it is important to note in a loan that a permanent employment exists. This should not be fixed at the time of the loan request and should already exist for a certain period of time. Most banks want proof that you are working for at least 12 months with the current employer. Trial loan requests can be quickly rejected by online processes. Of course, the probationary period is not a knock-out criterion for an online loan. If, for example, you recently changed your employer and have previously worked for over ten years with another employer, this of course does not constitute a ground for refusal. If you need assistance with your credit inquiry, simply contact the hotline or send us an e-mail, We are happy to help you with your financing request!

Other prerequisites include, of course, a perfect private credit and a general ability to pay. This will be ensured at the request in the form of a small budget statement. To do this, your income will simply be netted with your expenses, and the bottom line should be enough liquidity to afford the monthly loan installment.

In some cases, of course, further collateral in the loan request are possible. For example, a property is always good if you want to secure a loan from a bank. However, we advise against a land registry, because this could often make the cost of an online loan unattractive. If the bank wants more security, you could take the loan together with another person. It should be noted, however, that a bank can not force you to exclude another person from the contract! A loan can either be taken directly by another person (eg, your partner or family member), or a citizen can ensure that the loan remains secured even in the event of a borrower’s default. If you pay attention to these things, you should not only look forward to the favorable interest rates for a free loan application via Manucrediter, but also to the quick payout thanks to numerous instant loans in our credit comparison.

Fixed Rate Loan Comparison with Cheap Online Interest Rates


Are you currently receiving new financing and are you currently looking for a cheap loan? With Manucrediter you have a competent financing partner by your side. With our credit comparison, you can compare over 40 loan offers in just a few clicks to find the bank loan that really suits your current financial situation. Our comparison is completely free of charge for you and we compare for you independently and transparently.

When choosing a fixed loan, the interest rate plays a crucial role for you. The lower this turns out for you, the lower the total financing costs. With our loan calculator, you may like to sample a few credit options for yourself to get a first indication of the monthly loan installment. Simply vary the term to your desired loan amount. The longer the term chosen, the lower the monthly installments for the installment loan. At the same time, however, you also have to pay more interest over a longer period of time. A long term is therefore only recommended if you can not carry a higher loan rate at the current time. Otherwise, we recommend using the term as low as possible, because you can save yourself unnecessary interest payments.

Manucrediter Tip:

Manucrediter Tip:

A long term brings a lower credit rate with it. But you also have to pay significantly more interest in total over the longer term. For this reason, choose the term wisely and do not go for the lowest credit. At this point, we recommend the middle ground between the loan installment and the term. For a loan over 10000 Euro we would recommend you a term of 48 months. With the current conditions (around 3.00% per annum), you would have to pay for such a loan with about 700 euros (total loan amount at around 10700 euros) in interest. If you were to finance the same amount over 84 months, you would have to reckon with about 1300 Euro (total loan amount at around 11300 Euro). When choosing the running time, make sure that you do not choose them unnecessarily long. In the end, you only have to pay unnecessary interest!

What is a fixed-rate loan or fixed-rate loan?

What is a fixed-rate loan or fixed-rate loan?

To be able to talk about the advantages of a fixed-rate loan, it is first necessary to understand what a fixed-rate loan is. This form of credit is a normal installment loan, which you can easily borrow via the Manucrediter loan calculator. The biggest difference lies in this form in the interest rate. As the name suggests, you get a fixed interest rate when you take it. However, this fixed rate does not mean the interest rate over the term. All online loans in our comparison have a constant interest rate over the entire term. With the fixed rate at a fixed rate loan, the interest rate of the loan is meant, which is the same for all customers and thus does not vary depending on the credit rating.

Thus, there are loans with a credit-based interest rate and those with the same interest rate for all customers. Loans with a credit-based interest rate can be recognized in our credit comparison by the fact that they have an interest margin. For example, you can find installment loans with interest “X.XX% to X.XX%”. The individual interest rate can only be determined after a non-binding and free loan application. The better your credit rating, the better the interest rate will be for your financing request. With a below-average credit rating, you can thus also receive the interest at the lower end of the range. In this case, it would then be the “up to X.XX%” interest, which can be significantly higher than the “from X.XX%” interest rate.

A fixed rate loan has the same lending rate for all customers. The loans you recognize in our comparison because there is only one interest rate. The individual interest rate thus corresponds to the interest rate that you see in the Manucrediter loan calculator. Such an interest is for this reason also termed credit-dependent interest rate. However, this does not mean that you will receive this loan without a corresponding credit rating! Of course, you must continue to meet all the acceptance criteria to receive this installment loan. The difference is only in interest. Once you meet the bank’s criteria, you will receive the loan at the listed fixed rate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed-rate loan?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed-rate loan?

The advantages of a fixed-rate loan are exactly the disadvantages of a credit-based installment loan. Depending on the credit rating, the interest may be high for a credit-based interest rate. With a fixed rate loan, you do not have to worry about it. Once the acceptance criteria are met, you will also receive the listed interest rate. Now the question could quickly arise, why one should not always take a fixed interest loan? We have the answer:

As you can imagine, the disadvantages of a fixed-rate loan are just the benefits of a credit-based loan. If you have a better credit rating, you will not be able to benefit from a fixed rate loan because all customers receive the same interest rate on their installment loan.

Manucrediter Tip:

Manucrediter Tip:

With our credit comparison, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a credit-based as well as a credit-independent loan. First make a free loan application to a bank with a credit-based interest rate and check the individual interest rate. If this is below the interest rate of a fixed rate loan, then take up this loan. If the individual interest is higher than the fixed interest loan, apply for the loan with the credit-based interest rate. With this tip, you can quickly and easily secure the cheapest lending rate for you!